10 reasons to buy our shirts

16 stitches per inch men's dress shirt

1.Minimum 16 Stitches per Inch (SPI)

High quality interlining collars and cuffs men's shirt

2.High quality interlining in collars and cuffs

Single needle side seam stitching dress shirt

3.Single needle side seam stitching

Mother of Pearl buttons for men's shirt

4.Mother of Pearl buttons (Optional)

Matching fabric patterns shoulder for men's shirt

5.Matching patterns

Split yoke in men's shirt for chevron pattern

6.Split yoke cut (Optional)

Horizontal bottom button hole for extra strength

7.Horizontal bottom button hole for extra strength

Removable collar stays for men's dress shirts

8.Removable collar stays (Optional)

Extra buttons are delivered with the shirt

9.Spare buttons

Clean, finished shirt button holes 

10.Clean, finished button holes