Azure Ellipse Elegance Pocket Square

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Azure Ellipse Elegance Pocket Square

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Dive into the playful charm of this azure ellipse elegance pocket square. A sea of navy serves as the perfect playground for whimsical white elliptical dots that dance across the fabric in a rhythmic pattern, reminiscent of a night sky filled with stars just shy of twinkling. Allow this dapper accessory to peek from the breast pocket of a pinstripe suit or sit flush against the lapel of a summer linen blazer. This suit pocket square is the ideal companion for those who appreciate the subtle dialogue between accessory and attire. It's a versatile piece, ready to accompany you from boardroom banter to the laughter of a garden party.

Length: 23 cm
Width: 23 cm
Pattern: Dotted
Material: Polyester
SKU: ps-0061-blue-white
  • Blue
  • White