Canclini Blue Mini Houndstooth Shirt

Houndstooth, or hounds tooth check, originated like many other things in Scotland, in the 1800's. The pattern is made up of broken checks that create this classic, geometric pattern that looks like, well, dog's teeth. This particular fabric from the Italian maker Canclini is made of high quality 100% Peruvian cotton which has been brushed for an exceptionally smooth feel.
The blue and white colors are a more modern take on the original black and white pattern. And since the design features mini checks, this fabric sometimes goes under the name 'puppytooth'.

Fabric: Canclini Blue Mini Houndstooth
Composition: 100% Peruvian cotton
Weaving: Twill
Weight: 145 g/m2
Yarn count: One-ply 80s
Collar: Classic
Cuff: Convertible, angled


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Canclini Blue Mini Houndstooth Shirt

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