Golden Scissors Tie Clip

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Golden Scissors Tie Clip

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This is a fashion tie clip that mimics the form of a classic pair of scissors. Its golden sheen gives it a touch of elegance and whimsy, ensuring it's not just another mundane accessory. This playful piece can add a sharp edge to your ensemble, suggesting a keen attention to detail and a nod to craftsmanship. It's a match for creative professions or events that welcome a dash of humor. Pair it with a tailored suit to 'cut through' the ordinary, or clip it onto a printed tie with a casual blazer. It's all about bringing a slice of personality to your outfit, making sure you're a 'cut above' the rest when it comes to style.

Length: 6.5 cm
Height: 1.2 cm
Pattern: Motifs
Material: Metal
SKU: tieclip-0020-gold
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