Indigo & White Floral Pattern Pocket Square

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Indigo & White Floral Pattern Pocket Square

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The pocket square presents a canvas of delicate, sprawling florals, a sylvan tableau reminiscent of an English country garden under the midsummer sun. Each bloom and leaf is rendered with an artisan's precision in shades of indigo, set against the crisp contrast of an ivory background. It's a dance of nature's own design, with each petal and stem telling its own story of growth and elegance. This pocket square begs to be paired with the understated luxury of a navy blazer, its floral pattern offering a burst of botanical sophistication. Consider a tie in a solid, deep hue to anchor the look, allowing the pocket square to sing. For shirting, a light blue oxford would complement without competing, while a grey woolen suit would frame this piece in sartorial harmony, perfect for garden parties or outdoor weddings.

Length: 25 cm
Width: 25 cm
Pattern: Floral
Material: Cotton
SKU: ps-0081-white
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