Light Blue & Gold Paisley Pocket Square

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Light Blue & Gold Paisley Pocket Square

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This aristocrat's aura pocket square is a sartorial whisper of nobility, a delicate declaration of classic style and finesse. Upon a canvas of light blue, ornate paisleys unfurl in a dance of gold and navy, their edges kissed with a dusting of silver – a harmonious blend that evokes the regal elegance of a bygone era. The paisleys are meticulously crafted, with each curl and swirl revealing a universe of detail, from the intricate florals to the tiny, delicate dots that punctuate the pattern like stars in a night sky.

The choice of a rich, crimson border is the sartorial equivalent of a royal seal, framing the artwork and adds distinction in your chest pocket. This pocket square begs to be paired with a fine woolen suit in charcoal or a navy blazer of brushed cashmere, promising to elevate the ensemble to a new level of splendor.

Length: 23 cm
Width: 23 cm
Pattern: Paisley
Material: Polyester
SKU: ps-0084-light-blue-gold
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