White, Pink & Yellow Flower Pattern Pocket Square

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White, Pink & Yellow Flower Pattern Pocket Square

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Who says a pocket square can't be the life of the party? Meet the pocket square in the style of a Whimsy Garden Gala, where every fold blooms with conversation-starting charisma! This isn't just a swathe of fabric; it's a botanical bash where roses and daisies dance against a pristine white ballroom. Splashes of crimson, blush, and buttercup yellow pirouette on a canvas lush with shades of sage and lavender, invoking a midsummer day's dream right in your breast pocket. Dare to pair it with a navy blazer for a dashing contrast or let it serenade a grey tweed jacket, and watch as this pocket square turns heads and hearts alike. A solid moss greem, perhaps knitted tie, would complete the outfit.

Length: 24 cm
Width: 24 cm
Pattern: Floral
Material: Cotton
SKU: ps-0070-white
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