Our fit promise

Tailorist makes custom-made clothing. Therefore the fit of your garments is what's most important to us.

Therefore we offer you a perfect fit guarantee. In most cases the clothes will fit you perfectly. But should you not be totally happy, with our fit promise you can:

  • Adjust the garment with a local tailor


  • Ask us to make a new garment

Follow these steps

Contact our customer service at [email protected]. If our tailor deems the order unalterable, will will make a new garment for you with adjusted measurements.

  1. Alterations with a local tailor

    If your order requires adjustments, we will provide you with a credit of $20 for an alteration of your dress shirt. (In the future, with other garments added to our offering such as suits, this credit will increase in value)
  2. Remake

    If we decide that your garment cannot be adjusted by a local tailor, we offer you a remake free of charge. After receiving our notification, please send back the garment within 10 days to:

Tailorist AB
Jämtlandsgatan 97
162 60 Vällingby

The customer is responsible for return shipping costs of remade items.

Due to limited fabric supply, you may be asked for an alternative fabric for your remake order.

Note: Tailorist offers you adjustment with a local tailor, or a remake, once per customer and per garment type. We therefore suggest that you order just one item the first time unless you are sure about your measurements.

This is only valid for custom made garments and not for products ordered in standard sizes, or accessories. Please note that small variations in measurement is normal and can depend on fabric type and other things.

For more details, see Terms & Conditions.