Forest Green & Vivid Paisley Swirl Tie

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Forest Green & Vivid Paisley Swirl Tie

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This tie is an epitome of classic charm with a contemporary twist, featuring a deep forest green fabric punctuated by whimsical paisley swirls. The swirls are outlined in vibrant yellow and filled with a rich blend of red and blue, creating a visual feast that's sure to draw the eye. This tie is perfect for injecting personality into your ensemble, be it for a day at the office or a special occasion. It pairs effortlessly with a crisp white shirt for a sharp contrast or a muted yellow shirt to echo the swirls' outlines for a more cohesive look.

Length: 145 cm
Width: 7 cm
Pattern: Paisley
Material: Polyester
SKU: tie-0040-forest-green
  • Green
  • Red
  • Yellow