Midnight Blossom Banter Floral Pocket Square

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Midnight Blossom Banter Floral Pocket Square

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Dive into the depths of the "Midnight Blossom Banter Pocket Square," where the night's sky is alive with a floral fiesta. It's not just dark; it's a canvas for the dance of dusky roses and moonlit daisies, turning every pocket into a secret garden of style. This isn't just a pocket square; it's a piece of midnight revelry, trimmed with a cheeky red hem that whispers of roses peeking over garden fences. Wear it and carry the mystery of twilight meadows with you, whether you're charming your way through a gala or adding a touch of intrigue to your daily ensemble.

Length: 25 cm
Width: 25 cm
Pattern: Floral
Material: Cotton
SKU: ps-0076-navy
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