Our brand

Tailorist was born amongst the stands of the fabric markets in Asia where you would be able to basically design your own dress shirt, choosing a base fabric and then adding contrast fabrics to cuff, collar and fastening. Then selecting the style of each component to fit the purpose of the shirt or your feeling of the day.

A spread collar to fit a bulgy Windsor knot or a soft band collar for that modern linen shirt. A proper french cuff for a crisp, white fabric or sometimes being sartorially adventurous with a Neapolitan cuff. Maybe a pocket, but usually not. Sometimes back darts for an extra fitted shirt. Then topping it off with unique buttons and a monogram with your initials on the left cuff.

And finally of course your own measurements for a custom fitted shirt. Made-to-measure. Bespoke.

When coming back a week later it wouldn't always have turned out the way you wanted. What looked good in your head wasn't such a good color combination in real life.

Being a designer was fun, but not always easy.

What if you could see the shirt being designed in real time?

That was the idea behind Tailorist and is what drives us today.