Regal Rhapsody Pocket Square

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Regal Rhapsody Pocket Square

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The "Regal Rhapsody Pocket Square" is a sartorial sonnet penned in the language of luxury. Swirls of deep blue and burnt orange paisley patterns are interwoven with delicate ivory accents, creating a tapestry of design that is both timeless and expressive. The border, a bold crimson, frames this artwork, offering a striking contrast that asserts its presence in any pocket it adorns.

The paisley elements are reminiscent of ancient royal motifs, suggesting a heritage of aristocratic elegance. This pocket square does more than just complement a suit; it confers upon the wearer a level of distinction and finesse. It pairs exquisitely with a navy wool blazer, adding depth and character, or can bring a touch of warmth to a grey tweed ensemble. For the gentleman who wishes to convey a narrative of refined taste and cultured style, the "Regal Rhapsody" is the accessory of choice.

Length: 23 cm
Width: 23 cm
Pattern: Paisley
Material: Polyester
SKU: ps-0083-blue-orange
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