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    A plain weave tightly woven fabric that is usually made from 100% cotton or a cotton blend. Most common uses are quilting and shirt-making.

    Fil-à-fil / end-on-end
    A plain weave that’s created by alternating contrasting horizontal and vertical yarns. Structurally identical to poplin, but the two colors of yarn produce a heathered visual effect

    Usually a 100% cotton fabric that has been brushed on one or both sides for softness. Typically used for shirts and sleepwear.

    A natural plant fiber, linen fibers are stronger and more lustrous than cotton. Depending on the weight, it’s appropriate for anything from heirloom sewing and blouses to slacks and jackets.

    Pinpoint Oxford
    A variant of the Oxford cloth, Pinpoint is made with very fine yarn in a basket weave. Thicker than poplin, but thinner than twill or regular oxford fabric

    Plain Weave
    A weave in which the filling threads and the warp threads interlace alternately, forming a checkerboard pattern.

    A fine, soft, lightweight woven cotton or blended with manufactured fibers in a 2 x 1 basket weave variation of the plain weave construction. The fabric is used primarily in shirtings.

    Royal Oxford
    Royal oxford is textured, but of a finer and softer weave than regular Oxford. You often see it in dressier shirts than button downs. It gives textural interest that broadcloth does not.

    With a lustrous, shiny surface, drapability depends on fiber content. Silk and rayon satins have the best stitch results.

    A fabric that shows a distinct diagonal wale on the face (e.g., denim, gabardine, tricotine).

    A variation on the twill weave construction in which the twill is reversed, or broken, at regular intervals, producing a zig-zag effect.

    Dobby Weave
    A decorative weave, characterized by small figures, usually geometric, that are woven into the fabric structure.

    A fabric made using a rib variation of the plain weave. The construction is characterized by having a slight ridge effect in one direction, usually the filling. Poplin used to be associated with casual clothing, but as the "world of work" has become more relaxed, this fabric has developed into a staple of men's wardrobes, being used frequently in casual trousers.

    A plain woven fabric that can be made from cotton, silk, or manufactured fibers, but is most commonly cotton. It incorporates a colored warp (often blue) and white filling yarns.

    A medium weight, plain weave fabric with a plaid or check pattern. End-uses include dresses, shirts, and curtains.

    A fabric with a woven pucker, this fabric is traditionally cotton, but can be polyester. Suitable for shirts, casual slacks and children’s clothing.

    Created from wood pulp, Tencel is very soft with great drape. It’s usually a medium weight fabric that suitable for pants, skirts and jackets.

    A medium to heavy weight fabric with woven twill pattern that resembles squares with projecting "tooth-like" corners.

    A woven or printed design consisting of stripes in both warp and weft directions which cross at intervals to form different colors in square or rectangular patterns. May be light, medium or heavy weight, depending on the yarn. Plaids may be plain or twill weave. Types include: tartans (Scottish clan plaids) and plaid-back (reversible plaid).


    Regular soft 
    Our normal treatment means that the fabric feels soft against the skin, but still needs to be ironed after wash.

    Silky finishing 
    More smooth than regular soft, the fabric has a silky feeling. Need some ironing.

    LA stands for liquid ammonia, MC stands for moisture cure. The result is a fabric that is both soft and shining.This fabric is basically wrinkle free for very easy care.

    Easy to iron/Easy care 
    During production some resin is added, making the fabric less prone to wrinkling than normal finishing.

    Carbon peaching 
    Peaches have a surface like short, soft hair. This treatment gives the fabric the same feel as touching a peach.